We've only been to one country so far on the African continent - Egypt. The other country that was close to the African continent is Mauritius - an island off the East coast of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. We hope to go on an African safari and see South Africa soon - maybe with Bob and Eileen.


Why Egypt in the middle of summer when the temperature is above 100? Why not! Friends of ours, Bob and Eileen, who we met in Finland, invited us to go on vacation with them to Egypt. They figured that since we'd spent Christmas in one of the coldest climates, we may as well spend our summer vacation in one of the warmest climates. We bought into the idea and we all decided on a week long trip in August!


We went to Mauritius for 10 days in October of 1999. It was really a last minute holiday choice. If there hadn't been troubles in East Timor in October, this entry would have said Bali, Indonesia. But, at the last minute, we decided to stay away from a country with international peace-keeping forces in it and enjoyed the tropical island of Mauritius instead.