Chicago, Illinois

planned for August 14 - 20, 1997 - but flew to New York on Aug 17th. (ticket issued 15 Aug)

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Our Travel Experience
Thank You Swiss Bank Corporation's Education Department for funding my flight from London to Chicago for my 10 year high school reunion at Crystal Lake Central High School. They were fine seats too in United Business Class for the "bargain" price of GBP 3,564.20!

Drove out to the Belvidere campground to visit my Dad & Norma.

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Tourist Info

When: Thursday, 14 August - Wednesday, 20 August, 1997
Tourist Offices: http://www.
Web Sites: http://www.
Flight: United 929 departing London at 10:55am and arriving Chicago at 1:25pm, Seat 12A (Upgraded to 1st?)
United 938 departing Chicago at 7:55pm and arriving London at 9:50am the next day, Seat 9A
(I might have extended my return or returned from New York.
Aug 17 - United 668 departed Chicago at 8:30pm and arrived in NYC/Laguardia.
Car: Budget at O'Hare Field. Rented a Toyota Camry (White 4 door). Scheduled to return it to O'Hare on August 17th.
Hotel: Intercontinental Hotel in Chicago (except for Saturday, 16 August when I stayed at the hotel in Crystal Lake where the reunion was being held)