Chicago, Illinois

April 29, 1999 - May 16, 1999

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Our Travel Experience
We received a free ticket home from Tara's company because her Tokyo work contract included a "home leave" trip once a year.

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Tourist Info

When: Thursday, 29 April  - Sunday, 16 May 1999
Tourist Offices: http://www.
Web Sites: http://www.
Flight: Tokyo to Chicago on April 29 - American Airlines 154 from 4:55pm to 2:25pm Business Class!
Chicago to Columbus, Ohio on Mon, May 3 - American 4223 from 10:44am to 12:56pm
Columbus, Ohio to Chicago on Fri, May 7 - American 4006 from 10:45am to 11:10am
Chicago to Tokyo on May 15 - American Airlines 153 from 12noon to 3:10pm next day Business Class. seat 15J!
Hotel: Sheraton Brisbane Hotel & Towers. Bought over the web on a March Madness sale for AUD 150. We received AUD20 in food & beverage vouchers. We didn't use the vouchers, but ended up giving them to another table at breakfast. Turned out that the recipients lived locally in Brisbane and were very happy to get the coupons! We spend an additional AUD .80 on a telephone call.