Chicago, Illinois

September 12 - 19, 1997

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Our Travel Experience
Thank You Perot Corporation for sending Seth to a class in Chicago. Thank You John Viet, Tara's manager, for allowing her to work in the Chicago office for a week.

We enjoyed ourselves in Chicago at the time when the city was filled with cows.

We were very undecided on where to ask our friends to gather. Our hotel room was too small, we didn't want to ask anyone if we could use their house and we didn't want to spend a huge amount of money. The perfect solution finally came to Tara and we ended up renting a Chicago Trolley for the evening. We met at Potbelly's Subs in Lincoln park and embarked upon a Seth & Tara's fast food favorties tour combined with a "let's stop at any friend's house along the way" tour.

To make sure any latecomers had the chance to come along with us, we left Seth and Poth at Potbelly's while the Trolley headed over to Sam's liquors. On the way back to Potbelly's, we dropped by Chris & Leslie's new house so that Leslie could pick up a sweatshirt and wine glasses. Then, it was back to Potbelly's where we found only Seth and Poth waiting. Now, we headed North. Stop #3 = Darren's new condo on Lake Shore Drive. Tara managed to heat up an old piece of Giordano's pizza in his microwave and then we were on the road again. Stop #4 = White Castle. Then, we were headed to Chris & Kim's house since they hadn't been able to find a babysitter. Stop #5 was unplanned, but very well liked. We stopped at a Dairy Queen on the way to Chris & Kim's. Stop #6 =  Trolley pulls up in front of their suburban home in Evanston and we all pile out and go inside to see their new kitchen! Stop #7 = Evanston fast food area where we visited Buffalo Joe's, Taco Bell express (new since we'd graduated) and JK Sweets. Yum. Yum.  Bye this time we were STUFFED. So, finally, it was to Vogelback, to say goodbye to the building where many of us had worked and met.

Friends on the trolley included:
Seth & Tara (your hosts)
Chris & Leslie (Thanks Chris for navigating!)
Lisa & two of her friends
Steve (What a great surprise! Steve worked with Seth at Scott Foresman in 1995)

We liked our driver & had had a fun evening, so we all chipped in for a tip. At the end of the evening, we started dropping off friends, but then would have had to pay alot extra for anymore stops since we'd already had the Trolley for the number of hours we'd reserved it for. The last of us got off on Lincoln at the corner of Oz Park. What a great last minute idea!!!

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Tourist Info

When: 12 - 19 September, 1999
Tourist Offices: http://www.
Web Sites: http://www.
Flight: 12 Sep - American Airlines 154 departing Tokyo at 4:55pm. Seats 20A & 20B.
19 Sep - American Airlines 153 departing Chicago at 12 noon. Seats 27H & 27J.
Perot Corporation paid JPY 184,040 for Seth's ticket
Tara bought her ticket through a discount broker
Hotel: Chicago Hilton and Towers at 720 South Michigan Avenue. We got massages upon arrival for US$120 and made LOTS of calls from the hotel room. The actual room was paid for by the company and we managed to spend a total of 222.40 mostly on phone calls!