Columbus, Ohio

October, 1997

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Our Travel Experience
A visit to Seth's parent's house.

Photos scanned in May 13, 2000. Hopefully we can update the text more when we're on our year off.

Photo Album
Tim and his Dad talked Seth into having a small mole on his nose removed, so here is Tim at work!
Seth arriving with a present for his parents.
Seth with one of his parent's friendly black kitties. 
Seth and his Grandma
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Tourist Info

Both of us flew from Chicago Midway to Columbus on Southwest Airlines
We left Chicago 12 Oct 97 at 2:10pm and arrived Columbus Ohio at 4:10pm
We left Columbus on 16 Oct 97 at 7:15pm and arrived in Chicago at 7:15pm
The total for two passengers cost US$ 202. We booked our flights on Sept 23rd.