Detroit, Michigan 


We needed the American Airlines miles.

Overall Experience:
We went to O'Hare early on Saturday morning with no travel plans. We wanted to use travel credit money on American Airlines to buy eight segments of flights. If we each flew eight American Airlines segments, we'd get two free tickets to Hawaii!  Tara got from her travel credits from a Christmas time bump on a London - Chicago flight.

We thought we'd be able to take small hops between various places and end up somewhere in the South. This was not to be. /We explained what we wanted to do to the ticket agents and they explained how much it would cost to try to "hop South". The cheapest place to fly to in the end turned out to be Detroit. Thus, we went to Detroit and went to Detroit and went to Detroit.

The Taco Bell in the airport was tasty on Saturday when we didn't leave the aiport, but were there twice.

We did explore the downtown on Sunday. We ate in a hotel-top rotating restaurant, rode the city monorail and stopped at a mall. The day was nice, but downtown Detroit was not busy at all on a Sunday.

Overall, we had a very fun and very memorable weekend.

One more round trip to Columubs, Ohio the next weekend and we had two free tickets to Hawaii!

Itinerary Details
Chicago, O'Hare to Detroit
Detroit to Chicago, O'Hare
Got interviewed by a news agency. Bruce and Elena actually saw us on the news! We didn't see ourselves since we were flying:
Chicago, O'Hare to Detroit
Detroit to Chicago, O'Hare