New York, New York

July 15 - 24, 1997

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Our Travel Experience
Meeting Michelle in New York was a great idea! I taught Business Basics only in the morning and Hugo took over the class in the afternoon.

I also visited my Aunt Erin in New Jersey before Michelle arrived.

Michelle and I saw:

Coney Island - walk on the beach, rollercoaster, freak show, police with bullet proof vests
Rockefella Center
Where the Late Show is filmed
The library where the winnie the pooh stuffed animals are stored
Les Mis on the 22nd
Took a Cruise near Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty & around lower Manhattan

We had a good time walking over to the outside eating at the outside area just past the World Trade Center. We would sit outside, split a meal, and Michelle loved watching the big boats that were in the Harbor.

I remember she also got her hair cut and bought an Elmer colored elephant for her son Ricky.

Photo Album
Bye Bye London 
For this trip Tarahas her Fear of Flying book
Tara's first stop in America was actually her Aunt's house in Kendal Park, New Jersey. The weather was perfect for swimming. 
After a quick weekend at her Aunt's house, Tara went to New York to meet Michelle. Here they are in Battery Park at the tip of Manhattan
Tara wanted to see the Winnie the Pooh stuffed toys. 
We also took a walk on the Brooklyn Bridge.
Ahhh, Tara's favorite: Taco Bell at the airport before leaving for Chicago!

Category Rating Comments
Overall Experience 8 It was too bad that Tara had to work, but at least only in the mornings. 
Ease of Journey 9 First class on United airlines was nice.
Accommodation 8 As always, the Millenium Hotel was nice- especially the location. 
Activities 8 We saw a lot of New York in only a few days + dinners outside the World Financial Centers in front of the harbor were very memorable. 
Coolness 9 Extremely kool for Tara to be coming from London and Michelle coming to Chicago to meet in New York. 
Tourist Info

When: 15 - 23 July, 1997
Tourist Offices:
Web Sites:
Flights: 15 July - United flight 1 from Heathrow to New York JFK
23 July - United flight 2 from New York JFK to Heathrow.
Cost SBC Warburg GBP 1,431.80
Travel Time:
Hotel: Millenium Hilton