Florida for work and play 

Seth from mid april / Tara from April 25 - May 1

Seth was in Florida working and Tara came down to join him for one week.

Overall Experience:
Seth was in Florida working and Tara came down to join him for one week.
Seth picked Tara up at the Tampa airport and we went to Clearwater. We walked from our hotel South towards the main beach and passed a Waffle House plus many touristy shops. After a pretty sunset, we watched volleyball on the beach and also fireworks. The fireworks were dirty and chunks kept falling on us.

After Clearwater, we drove to Jacksonville where Seth had to work for a day or so. When we were driving from Jacksonville to Orlando, we passed A LOT of Waffle Houses. We were studying Japanese for our Oakton Community College class and we kept saying "I'm HOOONGRY" in a very loud voice whenever we saw a Waffle House. Finally we stopped! We stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort in Disneyworld. It was the Ariel, Little Mermaid theme at the time and we enjoyed ourselves immensely.

A photo made for us in front of a blue screen

The Carribean Beach Resort Beach

Laying on our bed and waving good-bye to the camera.

We were very lucky on the way home that the nice Continental agent allowed Seth to change his Northwest ticket in and actually fly on Continental. We'd already checked his bags, but that was OK - we got to fly together - and we picked his bags up in O'hare. Tara was extremely terrified of flying at this point.

Itinerary Details
Florida April - May 1 (Tara from 4/25)
Tara paid USD 136 for her tickets.
Saturday, 25 April 1992: Continental 310 leaving O'Hare at 8:10am arriving Newark at 12:05pm (it stopped somewhere
in-between) Boeing 737. Seat 22F economy. Connecting to Continental 615 leaving Newark at 12:42pm and arriving Tampa at 3:37pm. Seat 14B economy. Boeing 727.