March 10 - 21, 1988

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Travel Experience

Tara went to visit her friend Pam who was in travel school in Kissimmee, Florida. She travelled together with one of Pam's other friends.

Memories include:
waiting forever outside of Terminal 1 at O'Hare for Pam's friend & then when I was going to miss my flight, finding out her friend had checked in a long time ago instead of waiting for me outside the Terminal as we'd planned. 

finding out we couldn't stay in Pam's room (as we'd planned to) since when we got on camput in her car trunk, her roommates were going to tell on us and have us evicted
finding a hotel for 20 USD per night & having to pay everyday since we didn't have alot of money. The door I went to everymorning was on the right of the building & said "office". There was a bank across the street from the hotel & I went to it for cash advances on my credit card - before it was full up.
The rental car (in my name on my credit card) overheating and having to pay ALOT (in my mind) for anitfreeze & then trying to take it home on the plane with me & having it confiscated when my bags were Xrayed - I didn't even know enough to ask for a reimbursement from the rental agency

remembering Pam's friend talking to her boyfriend (a Ryan at 3D bowl) FOREVER on a pay phone outside of Wendy's in Melbourne. THEN finding out she'd copied down MY calling card number and was using it

Having my Ma send me some cash to Pam (maybe 20) through the mail and I never getting it.

Eating at Subway all the time since we had coupons. Sleeping in the car/airport the last night since we had no money for the 20 motel

Not flying home together.

Photo Album
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Category Rating Comments
Overall Experience 4 NO MONEY made for a bad trip. Made worse when I got home, got my phone bill and figured out Pam's friend had been using my calling card the whole time! 
Ease of Journey 5
Accommodation 4
Activities 7
Coolness 8
Tourist Info
Thursday, March 10, 1988
United flight 502 O'Hare 2:44pm to Orlando 6:10pm seat 24A
Friday, March 11 - Spring Break begins
Fri 11 - Melbourne
Sat 12  & Sun 13 - Daytona
Wed 16 Ft. Pierce
Thus 17 St. Petersburg/Clearwater
Sat 19 Daytona
Mon 21 - Classes resume at the University of Wisconsin - Madison
Tue 22, 1988
United flight 111 Orlando 12:56pm to O'Hare 2:37pm seat 31A