San Diego

March 25 - ??, 1991

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Our Travel Experience
This was our very first vacation together!

Skeleton page created 13 May 2000. Hopefully we can update the text more when we're on our year off.

Finding the Princess Cruises Resort in the Entertainment book with so many activities
water shortage
staying with Matt's mother Jan
buying a little cactus garden for her on the way to her house
driving by/stopping at ? Venice beach
Erika showed us around L.A. (hollywood sign / Chinese theatre)
The horrible traffice jam due to the rain on the way from L.A. to San Diego - so stopped at a mall
The very friendly waiter the first night
How Tara was walking on a car stop and tripped a little bit and hurt her ankle
The upgrade to the water view room
Mr & Mrs duck (in the room) - Mr hook duck
The fast Mr. pacman
going to the grocery and buying food
getting utensils from Wendy's & seeing a VW bug
watching 90210 for (I think) the first time
going to the shore and drinking alot on that top balcony - Tara not feeling well afterwards
going to town and eating at a mexican restaurant in the middle of an outdoor square
HAVING to rent bicyles since it came with the room rate package

Photo Album
We only have one photo from this vacation because our camera broke.

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Tourist Info

Princess Cruises Resort
Northwest Airlines (Flight 85 Desination Los Angeles - connection flight. Tara assigned seat 10 - H in economy)