San Francisco

November 8 - 17, 1991

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Our Travel Experience
Tara went on a business trip to San Francsico to attend a NeXT programming class and Seth went with - for free! (continental airlines free companion ticket)

Photos scanned in May 11, 2000 at 3am - 6am as Tara was jetlagged after returning from Chicago!
Hopefully we can update the text more when we're on our year off.

Photo Album
seeing the dinosaurs at the museum was fun
We drove to the coat to see the sunset. Unfortunately, Seth's sunglasses are somewhere in the Pacific Ocean now. Tara dropped them out of her front pocket in her sweatshirt. 
Seth in the hotel kitchen. 
We stayed at a Marriot Courtyard. 
Fisherman's Warf 
The view from a boat ride that we took. 
It was cold on the boat, but there were good views. 
 We were driving up to Coit Tower and we didn't understand why there was such a traffic jam. When we reached the top and saw the beautiful sunset, we totally understood why there had been such a traffic jam. 
Tara taking up her "no grabbing me" 
position to ward off Seth 
The park just after the Golden Gate Bridge 
Tara at Berkeley 
Walking distance from NeXT Computer offices. 
We drove to Big Sur and met with Ted & his friend. 
His friend's family had a cabin with no electric - fun. 
We ate "kibbles & bits" since both Tod and his friend 
were vegetarians. 
His friend went on a walk with us and it was funny, after 
a long time of walking through wilderness where there 
was no path, we came to a sign saying "path ends here"! 
Ted's friend sold hats: 1-800-nice-hat or good-hat. 
We were AMAXED how high Ted & his friend climbed Seth tried it too: 
see the darker dot - in the center? 
about 1/3 of the way up? 
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Tourist Info
San Francisco: Friday, November 8 to Sunday, November 17
08 Nov 91 - Friday
Continental 1765 Coach class
Chicago/Ohare 6:15pm - San Francisco 10:10pm (one stop) seats 19 E & 19F

We rented a car: Hertz, Ford Taurus USD 198 total.

17 Nov 91 - Sunday
Continental 838 Coach class
San Francisco 12 Noon - Denver 3:18pm seats 30K & L
Continental 136 Coach class
Denver 4:12pm - Chicago/Ohare 7:39pm seats 14 E & F
non-refundable and non-changeable ticket
Tara's cost = USD 398
Seth's cost = 0  (maybe a "free companion" ticket that I received as a student and using an American Express card ? )