Traverse City, Michigan


Our friends Chris & Jenna were getting married in Chris' home town of Traverse City.

Overall Experience:
We had a great weekend spending time with Chris and Sam, who were also at the wedding. The wedding was very unusual and had a bit of a mideval feel to it. The town fireworks display over a lake was fun.

Traverse City was popular this weekend! We found a bed and breakfast room for Friday night, but then had to switch on Saturday night to the Holiday Inn. We remember feeding the ducks on the big lake at our hotel.

Itinerary Details
We drove from Chicago to Traverse City on Friday night in Seth's 1986 VW Golf.
We remember stopping the car along some highway and looking up at the stars. There were A LOT of stars. It was actually a bit creepy since it was so pitch black outside.
 We drove from Traverse City to Chicago on Sunday night in Seth's 1986 VW Golf.

B&B on Friday night
Holiday Inn on Saturday night