August 13 - 16, 1998

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Our Travel Experience
We were very excited to be going to Bob & Eileen's in Vancouver. We'd had this vacation planned for nearly a year, so it was wonderful when our departure date finally arrived! However, we made the plans for this trip when we lived in London, we never imaged we'd actually be flying in from Japan, our new home.

We were also very excited to see Vancouver since everyone we know always comments on how beautiful it is.

Seth, of course, was very excited about seeing Bailey again and meeting Kahlua.

Photo Album
The Glaciers.

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On boat with Glacier behind.
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Category Rating Comments
Overall Experience 9 It was very good to see Bob and Eileen again. Plus, we enjoyed exploring Vancouver.
Ease of Journey 8 We chose to connect through San Francisco to get a cheaper airfare. Otherwise, just fine.
Accommodation 9 The house Bob and Eileen are renting is really nice.
Activities 10 We had lots of fun.
Coolness 9 We have now been to Vancouver!
Tourist Info

United Airlines
13 Aug United 838 at 5:35pm to San Francisco. United 376 from San Francisco at 2:45pm to Vancouver
24 Aug United 290 at 6:40am to Chicago.
29 Aug 12:25pm to Tokyo United flight 881 in economy seats 46K and 46J.