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November 25 - 29, 1994

A week in Australia was the continuation of our down under pre-honeymoon.


BTDT Overall Rating - 7 We are very glad we came to Australia, since we were so close. But, to be honest we liked New Zealand better overall.
Ease of Journey - 8 We travelled from New Zealand - so really a short hop!
Accomodation - 8 Half of the accomodation was free courtesy of Tara Corporate American Express points!
Activities - 8. Scuba diving the Great Barrier reef and holding a kuala bear called Gumnut were some of the highlights.
Coolness - 8 A very kool country to visit.

Travel Experience

Our trip began on a very kool note since the Quantas plane from Aukland to Sydney was painted with kool art.

The Grand Hyatt hotel across from the Sydney Opera House was very grand. We felt a bit out of place in our tshirts and shorts. But, we still got butler service like everyone else and housekeeping left a note for Brownie. They told him he was a most adorable teddy!

Exploring Sydney kept us busy. We cruised the bay, visited the Aquarium and mingled with all the drunk Australians in McDonalds.

On Hamilton Island our only goal was to see a kangaroo and kuala bear. We accomplished both and saw more amazing wildlife!

Diving on the Great Barrier Reef was a very memorable experience. The amount of life underwater is vast. And the clear water gave us expansive views of coral and sea-life in all directions. Tara had a bit of trouble getting under the first dive. Good thing the boat wasn't on as she kept hitting her head on the rudder! But, one less contact and many more weights later, she was able to descend for the first quick dive. Seth took to diving much better and could always control his bouancy. Some of our best memories are of coral fields stretching below us, a huge white clam visible from very far away and, of course, the sharks.

Seth had been having nightmares about sharks and who do we see on our first dive but sharks!

Horseriding along the Australian coast was an excellent experience - even if we did pay for it a bit on the plane ride to Hawaii!

Photo Album

The Plane

Seth & Gumnut

Tara & Gumnut