Hong Kong

April 14 - 18, 1999

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Our Travel Experience
This was the last stop on the BEST Asian Tour 1999 for Seth and Tara only. Bob and Eileen had originally wanted to include Hong Kong in the itinerary, but in the end they couldn't include Hong Kong in the JAL tickets they bought, so Seth and Tara went to Hong Kong alone. Seth had to work for two days in the office, so Tara had two days to herself.

Contrary to what Tara usually does when she has two days to herself, she stayed in the hotel room almost 100% of the time. The room was a really good one with a view of both the harbor and the peak, she had a good book and after a week in Thailand, it was safest if she stayed close to a toilet. So, since the weather was not all the good and she'd been to Hong Kong three times before, it wasn't too hard for her to convince herself to stay in and read.

Her biggest event on her own was to visit Hong Kong park which is about a 3 minute walk from the hotel!

On the weekend, we did make it to Mong Kok to go shopping for computer programs. The unfinished shopping mall where we bought CDs for 1 USD was very interesting.

Photo Album
This was the Harbor view from our hotel room. The room was very special since it also had a Peak view. .
Category Rating Comments
Overall Experience 7 The two memorable things about this trip to Hong Kong are the view from the hotel and the shopping for cheap software in a basement at Mong Kok.
Ease of Journey 8 The flight from Singapore was really quick, taking about 3 hours. The transfer from the new Chek Lap Kok airport to Hong Kong Island is also very quick and convenient.
Accommodation 8 The Conrad International is well located ontop of an upscale mall and movie theaters. Plus, within a fix minute walk, you can eat at a Chicago-style restaurant and buy Mrs. Field's Cookies. Plus, if you get a harbor room on a high enough floor, you'll have a great view over the harbor. The view from the whirlpool, especially at night, is also fantastic.
Activities 7 Shopping for discounted computer software and Video CDs is always fun. But, this time we had the added benefit of finding an underground shopping mall with a huge mass of tiny unfinished stored. Very memorable.
Coolness 6 Nothing extra kool on this visit.
Tourist Info
The Hong Kong Tourist Association at http://www.hkta.org
The Conrad International Hong Kong at 852-2521-3838