Hong Kong

June June 30 - July 2, 1996

From Singapore, we had to decide where to spend the weekend. We discussed going to Bali for the beaches, India for the Taj Mahal and Bangkok because it sounded cool but opted for Hong Kong since it may be very different very soon. We were there exactly one year before Hong Kong changes hands from the British to the Chinese.

Overall Experience:
Hong Kong was in a word - foreign. It reminded me (Seth) of the city shots in the Bladerunner movie. Things are packed together and there is more neon per square block than Vegas. It was also HOT. Old and new were packed in together on top of one another and the city was as busy as Manhattan at 5:15 pm.

Hong Kong - A truly foreign land

The waterfront at night in Hong Kong is beautiful. We had gone to see a mediocre David Copperfield show (Penn and Teller were better) and then walked back along the bay to Tsim Tsa Tsui where our hotel was. Hong Kong island is shown behind me.

Tara eating one of the few things we felt safe eating- watermelon. This was at a street market where you could choose your chicken to take home or be slaughtered there.

Tailors were cheap and competitive. We gave in and got 2 good white shirts tailor made for about 50 USD.

Hong Kong at night. The last night we had a very nice dinner above it all at Victoria Peak. Overall a wonderful weekend away, but also made us appreciate home.

To go to the Hong Kong Tourist Association Web Site: Wonder Net