New Zealand

November 12 - 24, 1994

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Our Travel Experience
New Zealand was our first stop on our pre-honeymoon. We took the honeymoon before the wedding for the very practical reason of getting more vacation time since we had Thanksgiving off anyway. It turned out to be a wonderful idea since we arrived in Hawaii relaxed and ready to get married!

An absolutely excellent week. We started out in Aukland by renting a car. It was quite fun deciding who would be the first to drive on the left. Tara won. However, when we went to get in the car, Seth was on the driver's side and Tara was on the passenger's side because we didn't realize the steering wheel would be reversed. Well, once we switched sides, it got better... or maybe.

We ended up taking a nice long drive up the coast since Tara missed the exit for Aukland. She was too busy trying to remember which control turned on the turn signal and which control turned on the windshield wipers. Missing the exit for Aukland was no big loss though since we had a very nice morning on a deserted beach.

After a quick afternoon in Aukland, we drove to Rotorua. In Rotorua was where we started our pattern of Tara waking up early, buying groceries, cooking breakfast and exploring the town before Seth even stirred. We came to Rotorua for the geothermal activity.

From Rotorua, we went black water rafting - probably the koolest thing we've ever done in nature.

Then it was on to Queenstown with activity after activity.

Photo Album
Since this was our pre-honeymoon, the Photo Album for this trip is located on our Wedding Page.

Category Rating Comments
Overall Experience 9 An absolutely excellent way to start our honeymoon!! 
Ease of Journey  6 The trip was long and we had to stop twice on the way from Chicago to Aukland - in LA and in Fiji. 
Accomodation 8 We stayed in smaller and cheaper hotels than we were used to. But, both were carefully picked and had their own charm.    
Activities 10+ We did the Queenstown triple challenge: bungy jumping, white water rafting, speedboating and riding in a helicopter. All very kool! We also visited the Milford sound - taking a prop plane over, cruising the sound and then taking the bus back. We experienced geothermal activity in Rotorua. But, over overall koolest activity was absailing into an underground cave, floating on innertube and climbing up a waterfall back to the daylight! A 10+ for activities.
Coolness  9 Very kool. We hope to go back. 

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