Been There Done That
With Bob and Eileen

The first vacation destination that we shared with Bob and Eileen was totally unplanned, yet it proved to be the start of our friendship and many shared vacations to come. Since it is always Bob, Eileen, Seth and Tara traveling together, I've taken our first initials and decided that if we do ever make those T-shirts, we'll have to call these the 'BEST tours'. But, as it's taken four years since we met to create this web page, I wouldn't anticipate T-shirts anytime soon...
The Arctic Circle in Lapland
Ancient Egypt
Japan, Thailand & Singapore
Salt Spring Island

Where to Next??

We haven't decided yet! The brochure at our hotel in Singapore had a great article talking about Dubai. So, that's a possibility. Or, none of us have been on an Africa safari, so that's a possibility. Or, maybe a less adventurous, money saving trip to Hawaii, Las Vegas or Disneyworld in Florida! This will be our choice if Bob and Eileen's new house proves to be costly. Or, maybe Turkey; none of us have been there so far. And, sometime in the future we'll have to visit the Cook Islands. Only our friends can guess why!