November 8 - 10, 1996

Barcelona was a quick weekend away.


BTDT Overall Rating - 7 We enjoyed our weekend away.  Barcelona had a nice feel to it.
Ease of Journey - 8 Very easy, quick flight and then a taxi from London. We even arrived in plenty of time for dinner on Friday night due to how late everyone eats.
Accommodation - 7 We got our hotel recommendation from Chris and Leslie: Hotel Granvia on Grand Via del la Cantalanes. We enjoyed the hotel - especially the location!
Activities - 8 We did a lot of fun "touristy" stuff in a weekend: the walking street, the aquarium, the Gaudi park, the Gaudi cathedral, the cable car
Coolness - 6

Travel Experience

As soon as we arrived in Spain, we were both surprised at how much Spanish we remembered from our high school and college studies. We got in late on a Friday night and the night clerk at the hotel didn't speak any English. Since we were very hungry, we asked "donde esta la comida?" and then we had to choose between "sakana - carne". We chose "carne" and were directed to a nearby restaurant. Map in hand, very impressed with our conversational abilities, we headed out to the unknown. The recommended restaurant turned out to be delicious and very full. It is true that dinner begins at 11pm in Spain.

The next day, we headed out to see the sights of the city. We visited the aquarium, the Gaudi Sangria Cathedral, a Gaudi Building and the Gaudi Park. We were really impressed with the funky, kool Gaudi architecture. We don't know if the word gaudi (meaning overly done and thus ugly) gets it's origin from the Spanish Architect Gaudi. If Gaudi is the origin of the word gaudy, we disagree. We liked the Gaudi stuff. Especially the lizard at the entrance to the park!
 On our last day, we were at a bit of a loss for what to do. We ended up walking up a hill to the start of a cable car that took us over to a beach area.

Photo Album

McDonald's bag

Nice street with flowers

Aquarium chairs

M&M machine

Tara sitting on a bench at the Gaudi park

Seth touching the water and then running away from a wave that attacked him.
Tara standing at the beach:

Travel Facts

When: Friday, November 8 - Sunday, November 10, 1996
Tourist Office:
Web Sites:
Travel Times London -> Barcelona
Hotel: Hotel Granvia on Grand Via del la Cantalanes. 93 - 318 - 19 - 00
Our Room cost 9,000 Spanish Pesetas per night. We also spent a total of 420 on the minibar. Total = 29.339 PTE. Room 215.