Blackpool, England for a Babylon 5

June 8 and 9, 1996

Babylon 5 Convention

Overall Experience:
Great, the British in Blackpool were even friendly! Seriously, it took us aback when the people actually smiled and talked to us. This helped us think that there might be some hope for the British after all and that London must just be isolated and have a big city attitude.

Also, the chips (french fries) were tasty.

We think we'll go back sometime in the fall to see the thousands of lights they put up along the boardwalk.


Wolf 359 - Babylon 5 and Star Trek Convention

This was a cool convention, if not a bit expensive. Tara didn't realize how geeky her badge really was. The true geeks looking at this page will recognize Tara's badge number as the same as the original Star Trek Enterprise. Tara's Americanism came to the rescue after we stood in line for nearly 3 hours to get autographs and they tried to close the doors on us. As the rest of the Brits lamely walked away grumbling, Tara confronted one of the organizers asking for her money back or a priority number for the next signing (which never happened). She made enough noise that several others joined in and they let a few more of us who had stuck around in. We got to see several of the B5 stars, tired from jet lag and autograph signing, but still very cool.

Seth Plays Videogames

I found out why this Soul Edge was so cheap. One of the buttons didn't work. Of course I didn't figure this out until about 4 games later. Still very fun and cheap.

Fun on an old Starblade machine. Not bad - 4 plays for a pound.

Another arcade. Another chance to master Soul Edge.
Tara Explores the Town

While Seth played videogames, Tara walked up and down the boardwalk. I've decided that the English do the BEST beach towns. The tower in the background is a small replica of the Eiffel tower in Paris.

These were the trams that ran up and down the boardwalk. They were colorful and fun. What a great idea.