Driving on the Left to Brighton

April, 1996

To practice for our driving test scheduled for May 10. We were loose on the roads with just US licenses.

Overall Experience:
Brighton was fun, but it was the weirdest thing. The beach is all made of smooth pebbles and stones. No Sand. It sorta fits with the "Everything is just a little bit broken theory". The boardwalk was great though and just like something out of the 1950's. We got crepes, chips (big honking french fries), and of course Seth played a couple video games. We also saw the really cool Muslim palace that we can't remember the name of right now. Except for the terror of driving, it was a good weekend out.

After the Test

Whoops, gotta change this gif to a jpeg. I don't have a flesh eating parasite on my forehead. It's just bad compression of the gif format.

All of our practice was for naught. We both failed on on the same circle of death they call a roundabout, therefore we're giving the British version of the bird. This was the time that we decided that there were things about Britain that just really sucked and made the decision to travel outside of the country at least once a month.

Our test was held at the Southall Testing Centre on May 10th. Seth was scheduled for 2:45pm and Tara for 3:35pm. We had to bring our U.S. Licenses and £ 28.50 each.