March, 1997

Our Travel Experience

Bob and Eileen invited us to spend a weekend at their place in Brussels. We were also planning on going to Amsterdam together to see the tulips.

Our Travel Experience
It was so nice to spend a weekend with friends. We originally met Bob and Eileen over Christmas in Rovanemi, Finland and hit it off right away. They had come to London once already and we'd had a nice night, so when they invited us to spend a weekend at their place in Brussels, we took them up on it.

We had a nice weekend just relaxing. Bob and Eileen were perfect tour guides: taking us on a quick tour of downtown Brussels, treating us to an American-style restaurant and entertaining us with videogames and a board game of Axis and Allies! It was very enjoyable. We were treated to a very special display because as they took us to see the Manequin Piss, there was a big ceremony going on and the Manequin Piss actually started "pissing" into the crowd.

Seth was most excited about meeting Bailey, Bob and Eileen's puppy. Seth and Bailey had a great time playing together! Bailey is a highland scottish terrier. She was just a puppy, so she loved to play. We were warned to keep our socks and underwear tucked away since those were her favorite things to steal.

The Axis and Allies game started out with all four of us playing, but as the night waned, it was up to the boys to defend the world.

We had planned to travel to Amsterdam together, but Bob's work prevented him from taking Monday off, so we continued onto Amsterdam alone by train.