Brussels to meet Bob and Eileen before Egypt

August 1-2, 1997

Our Travel Experience - Photo Album

Eileen was our travel agent for Egypt, so we arranged to meet in Brussels before traveling on together to Egypt. We were glad to see Bob and Eileen again - but of course, it was Bailey that we most wanted to see.

Our Travel Experience
Again, we had a great time with Bob and Eileen. This time it was a Mexican restaurant, a mini tour of all of Europe and, of course, Axes and Allies! The Axes and Allies was such a hit that the state of the game had to be carefully written down so that it could be continued on the cruise! 

Photo Album
Bailey was lots of fun to see again. Seth especially loves her in the morning when she is all happy to see you and she jumps all over you and licks every accessible spot. Tara isn't quiet so happy to be greeted so in the morning, but none the less she loves Bailey too. 

Unfortunately, Bailey couldn't come with us to Egypt, so we accompanied her to the dog spa that she would be vacationing at. The dog spa was most excellent. Basically, there were plenty of dogs ruling this family's farm house. Bailey especially was looking forward to swimming in the back yard.

  Mini-Europe was packed! We couldn't believe the numbers of tourists here to see mini replicas of famous European Union buildings. Even though it was "naf" - as the British would say - we enjoyed it. Notice the building behind us, it is in Bath, where we were practicing driving.