Derby, to visit Tim

January 12 - 14, 1996

We went to visit Tim. Tara had gone to visit Tim alone once when she was commuting between Chicago & London. But, this time Seth was able to come along!

Overall Experience:
We left for Derby together on a Friday night train around 9pm. Tara was a bit worried about making the train since she had to work in Zurich that day and was scheduled to land in Heathrow at 7:35pm. On Saturday, Tim gave us the grand tour of Derby - including the stories of how plague victims had to be buried around the local church standing up since there were too many corpses taking up too much space to be buried lying down. Thanks for that historical fact Tim! We enjoyed the shopping area and Tara even found a pair of black shoes that she liked & Seth thought were ugly. At night, Tim took us to a local pub and there was an Irish guy there singing to himself who then started a conversation with us.

The next day, Tim rented a car & we headed to a pub in the countryside about an hour away that he really liked. Notice the pub theme? Tim's influence. In the back of this pub there were rock formations and caves. So, after lunch, we walked around behind the pub and got some very nice views out over fields. We went to the pub with Tim's friend from work (the Indian guy), his partner Jane and their little girl. After driving back to Derby, we boarded the train headed towards London at about 8pm.

Exploring Derby

This is by the church where Tim was telling us we were standing over plague victims.

Tara can't wait to put on her new shoes.

Going to a country pub

Outside Tim's dorm where he lived while working for the Derbyshire Royal Infirmary in the Maxillofacial Surgery Department.

The view looking out the back of the pub on a typical English day.

Climbing around the rock formations at the back of the country pub.

Overall, a very nice weekend away!