Paris, Disneyland and Mouse Ears 

June 14, 15 and 16, 1996

M-I-C See ya real soon!
K-E-Y Why? Because we like you
(A chance for Tara to wear her mouse ears in public)

Overall Experience:
Great, expensive and we want to spend more leisure time in Paris.
The Eurostar was quick and clean but the food was grody.


Tara Travels

Tara, Brownie and Mickey get ready to ride the Eurostar through the Channel Tunnel and into France at 183.5 mph.

Seth Hikes

This is Seth in front of the Eiffel tower (squint and you can sorta see it). The Arch du Triumph closed less than 3 minutes before we got there, so we took a forced march to see the Tower. Good to see, but it was the start of a blister filled weekend for our feet.


Tara Gets Ready for a Hot Breakfast Date

Wasting no time, Tara gets ready for EuroDisney. But did she sleep in the ears? Only Seth knows for sure.

Proof we really went

Seth has a plan of attack for the park.

<<Seth playing a video game>>
Ok, Ok, so you may have noticed a theme between this here and Blackpool. But I did eventually beat Virtual Fighter 2. So there. :-)

Yes, Tara likes to take lots and lots of pictures. This was our hotel view of a nice forest. We had just woken up from an afternoon nap. We must be getting old because the naps are becoming a common item on our itinerary.


This was our last picture inside the park. As we were walking towards the gates, tired in body but not soul, there was Mickey. We went with all the other 8 year olds and got our pictures taken. That's Brownie, the go everywhere bear, in Tara's hands.

Bye bye Disney.

Hello Paris. Since we didn't have enough blisters, we decided to see more of Paris. This is the back courtyard of Notre Dame. It was nice, but I guess we're spoiled. We thought the churches in Italy were nicer, especially St. Marks in Venice. I hope that doesn't condemn us any more than we already are. We did sit outside at a nice cafe and spent about $30 US on a couple of crepes and some orange juice, but the view of the flying buttresses and the nice summer day was worth it.

This is the Louvre. It was HUGE. Basically it's this old palace in the shape of a U with this ultra modern glass pyramid (on my left) in the center of it. Talk about a clashing of eras. Our favorite part was actually soaking our blistered feet in a nearby fountain along with the rest of the tourists.

Travel Details:
Eurorail Information 0345-881-881
Friday, June 14, 1996
Leave Waterloo Station in London at 4:23pm. Arrive Paris at 8:29pm
2 nights at the Sequoia Disney Hotel, breakfast + park admission on Saturday and Sunday for GBP 348 each
Character Breakfast on Saturday for 26 GBP each reserved.
Sunday, June 16, 1996
Leave Paris at 7:34pm. Arrive London Waterloo at 9:39pm