September, 1996

Tara had planned a week of work in Zurich which would co-incide with Oktoberfest in Munich. So, it was only expected that we'd come for a weekend of fun after her work was done.


BTDT Overall Rating - 8 A very fun weekend.
Ease of Journey - 4 This poor rating is due to us not finding each other at the train station as we had planned.
Accomodation - 7 We had a hard time getting a room at short notice, but thanks to a friend at work, we stayed in a standard Hilton room.
Activities - 9 Oktoberfest was fun to experience!
Coolness - 8 It was great to come and we'd be happy to come back and bring lots of friends.

Travel Experience

I again travelled from Zurich to Munich on train since I was working in Zurich. And Seth again flew into Munich. However, we weren't so lucky this time in meeting up at the train station. Seth had an absolute horrible experience since all the automatic tellers had closed for the night by the time he arrived.

Saturday we decided to explore the town a bit before heading to the beer tents. We thought about a bicycle tour, but ended up going on foot instead.

Then, it was time to head to the beer tents! But before hitting the Oktoberfest, we stumbled into a farming exhibition. It was set up adjacent to the Oktoberfest and was just like a state fair in Illinois or Ohio.

We also took a ride on the Ferris Wheel for a bird's eye view of all the people.

Seeing the inside of a beer tent for the first time was impressive. The tent was SO BIG. Plus, it was so full of people that the crowd coming in was being controlled.

We made a traditional stop at the Hof Brau House and then finally settled at.

By the end of the night we were having so much fun that Seth was standing on the table dancing with a Polish man who kept saying "USA Super!".

We do have a souvernier mug to show for our night.