March 28 - March 30, 1997

We'd never been to Paris to see only Paris, so we decided it was time over this Easter weekend. Tara was very excited to have found the Hotel California just off the Champs De LeAise in the Entertainment book.


BTDT Overall Rating - 7
Ease of Journey - 9 Eurostar and then the RER. Very easy.
Accomodation - 8 We used the entertainment book to upgrade our room, not save money. Therefore, we ended up staying in a split level room with a living room, dining room and bathroom downstairs and a bedroom and second bathroom upstairs. Nice!
Activities - 8 We had no problem finding things to do, places to see.
Coolness - 7 Good to get back to Paris!

Travel Experience

The views over the city from the Arch of Triumph were wonderful. As was the view from the Eifel Tower. We even met work colleagues at the top. Sad thing was that they later asked us if we had seen the comet that night from the Eifel Tower. But, we never looked up! All our concentration was down on the city. .
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A Statue of Liberty and the Eifel Tower together in one photo is a good shot.
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Travel Facts

When: March 28 - March 30, 1997
Tourist Office:
Web Sites:
Travel Times London - Paris, 3 hours
Hotel: Hotel California