July 21, 1996

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After a very nice weekend in Chiemsee, Germany with Mark and Tara, we packed up and headed for a day in Salzburg. Mark and Tara had to drive through Salzburg on their way back to Vicenza and we had to catch the train back to Munich, so, it was a nice break to do some sightseeing.

Travel Experience
We had seen the Salzburg castle all lit up at night when we arrived on the train, but it was excellent to see the town during the day. We parked on the opposite side of the river and walked into town, enjoying the views from the bridge we walked across. Since Mark's Tara was tired due to being pregnant, we enjoyed a carriage ride around town. We also walked around the shopping street a little bit. The old-fashioned black iron signs for all the shops - even McDonald's - were charming and the city was very well kept. We're glad we stopped for a few hours here before boarding the train for Munich.

After Seth & I had been on the train for an hour, we looked out the window onto a beautiful lake that looked really familiar. We didn't know it earlier, but the train between Salzburg and Munich went RIGHT BY the AFRC hotel and stopped maybe 5 minutes from the hotel!! Still, it was nice to see Salzburg!

Photo Album
This was our first close up view of Salzburg. We are on a bridge walking across to town and you can see the castle behind us. We saw the castle initially when we our train was pulling into the station at night. It was beautifully lit up. 

Even though he's hard to see, Brownie accompanied us on our city tour of Salzburg since Tara didn't want him to stay in the car. You can barely make out his little head in-between us. 

A horse drawn carriage was the perfect choice of transportation since Mark's Tara was very tired and couldn't walk far. Seth and Mark made the perfect couple in the carriage as well.
Category Rating Comments
Overall Experience 7 We're glad we stopped for a day in Salzburg instead of traveling directly from Chiemsee to Munich. The town was very picturesque and quaint.
Ease of Journey 9 We just sat in the back of the car while Mark drove!
Accommodation na This was just a day trip.
Activities 8 We enjoyed the horse drawn carriage ride around town. It was a nice, relaxing way to see some of the city.
Coolness 7 Another been there, done that destination. However, we have no Austrian passport stamps since we were in a car coming in and on a train going out.
Tourist Info

When: Sunday July 21, 1996
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Train: Salzburg, Austria -> Munich, Germany
Travel Time: About 2 hours via train
Hotel: not applicable