June 28 - 30, 1997

Our friends Grace and Jeff were visiting. They spend a week with us in London and then invited us to join them for a weekend in Edinburgh. We gladly accepted! The cold, rainy weather added to the experience of walking through castles from the 7th century!


BTDT Overall Rating - 8 This was a fun long weekend away from London.. We really got a good view of the countryside around Edinburgh since we took two day trips to visit castles.
Ease of Journey - 9 The flight was very quick from London & we took a taxi direct to the hotel. Our driver was very friendly and gave us a nice introduction to the city (we benefited from what we could understand through his Scottish accent!!)
Accommodation - 7 The George Intercontinental was well located in the downtown area and had its own parking lot - a plus!
Activities - 8 Walking through castle ruins was our #1 activity. Visiting castle remains on hills or rocky shores was impressive. Even on a June day, we could easily imagine the harsh lifestyle of castle living.
We were glad that Grace & Jeff had rented a car. We were able to see more castles that way & even go to an animal park. The ghost tour in town was OK, but not as spooky as in London or York.
Coolness - 8 Very kool to see the castles. Walking through castle ruins was our #1 activity.

Travel Experience

Grace and Jeff flew to Edinburgh on Thursday and we were joining them Friday. Even though it was the middle of June, they warned us to dress warm since it was cold for them on Thursday. However, the cold weather actually added to the atmosphere.

The first day we headed (south?) of the city. Jeff was the designated driver, so all we had to concentrate on was the scenery. We didn't get far before stopping at a nature preserve and taking a walk.

The first castle we visited was on a hill overlooking the countryside. An obviously good place to defend from.

The next castle was more in ruins, but had been six stories tall at one time. It was perched on a rocky outcropping into the sea. Looking out the window on one side, all you saw were seagulls perched on the cliffs and the rocky ocean below. Needless to say, it was COLD - even in June.

Sunday, we opted for a more reconstructed castle and a drive through an animal park.

Monday, after Jeff and Grace had left for Jeff's relatives in Germany, we explored Edinburgh and Edinburgh castle.

Photo Album

Castles, Castles and More Castles!

And an animal safari.

We flew on British Midlands and paid GBP 77 return.
From London to Edinburgh on British Midlands flight 50
From Edinburgh to London on British Midlands flight 63