Between Christmas & New Year's 1996
Dec 28 -31, 1996

Stockholm was stop #4 on our winter Scandinavian tour. Seth liked Stockholm so much that it is one of his favorite cities in Europe. He especially liked the Italian restaurant we ended up eating at two times.


BTDT Overall Rating - 8 Beauty on water is the correct city slogan for Stockholm.
Ease of Journey - 8 The city subways in Stockholm were very impressive. But, we should have taken a taxi to our hotel instead of walking. It was COLD.
Accommodation - 9 Most hotels in the old town were closed during this period since all the government offices were closed for the holidays. We're glad this one stayed open. The mariners theme in the room was very tasteful and we had a lovely view over the water from our window.
Activities - 6 The tourist activities, especially the #2 visited tourist attraction did leave something to be desired in the dead of winter.
Coolness - 9 We had a great time and hope to come back in the summer sometime!

Travel Experience

 When we first headed outside in Stockholm, it was cold and snowing. The streets are very narrow in the old town and we often doubted that a car could fit down the road we were walking along. In the center of the maze of streets, there were booths for a Christmas market, but it was all closed up. That seemed to be the theme - all closed up for the holidays. We wanted dinner and just couldn't find a place that appealed to us that was open. So, after wandering for a while, we happened upon what was to become Seth's favorite Italian restaurant in the whole world.
The Italian restaurant we went into had only one other customer in it. We got a table by the window and they lit a candle in a wine bottle on our table. This wine bottle was very charismatic. It had seen many, many candles stuck in it & there were interesting way drippings down the sides. We got ready to order and when we asked about garlic bread, the owner said he'd already put some on for us. He was very friendly and fun. During dinner our conversation turned to good names for children. This is when we came up with "Ann Immell", "Max Immell" and "Min Immell". I also remember "Brin Immell" as the only serious name we could think of that night. We enjoyed a thoroughly satisfying meal and had lots of fun watching about seven other people pile out of an old stretch Mercedes and join us in the restaurant. 

One night, we went downtown to go shopping and ended up seeing Evita. The shopping wasn't that exciting, but it was a good opportunity to see Evita. We ended up walking back to the hotel after the movie and it was COLD.

The tourist events in Stockholm are best to be enjoyed during the summer we feel. We had to take a ferry across the water - that was fun, but COLD if we stood outside for the best view. First, we went to the Aquarium. That was fun and indoors. Then, we went to see the Vasa ship. It is amazing that the Vasa ship sunk so many years ago and yet has been restored by soaking the timbers in petroleum. The ship was BIG. We couldn't imagine sailing far in such a warship. Next, we and explored Stockholm's #2 tourist attraction. It was empty! And no wonder since it was all outdoors! We did find shelter from the cold in a telephone booth, but it was only covered knee high. So, then we went into a building that at first appeared to be closed and kept ourselves warm in the elevator! I do remember an interesting lizard in the gift shop just before we left. He was climbing up to the light bulb for warmth & we never thought he'd make it. But, then suddenly, he jumped a long distance & was clinging onto where he wanted to be.

We ended up eating at the Italian Restaurant again since we figured we couldn't find anyplace better.

The last morning in Stockholm was very pretty. The sun was shining and we went out in front of the hotel to feed the swans and ducks.

Photo Album


Tara in the blowing snow

The view from our hotel window

Tara standing in front of the windmill with trees on either side

Tara lying on the floor.

Tara in the phone booth

Seth and Tara in the elevator.

Seth by the vasa ship

Seth on the deck of the boat

Tara in the snow close up.

Seth in the hotel window

Tara feeding the ducks enjoying the sun.

Seth feeding the ducks.

St. George & the Dragon

Travel Facts

When: Between Christmas & New Years 1996
Tourist Office: Sweden
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