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What is Locomotions?
Locomotions is our collection of e-mails that we've been sending out since we started planning for our World Tour in May of 2000. We're really glad that our friend Kristen in Tokyo gave us the idea to write a newsletter for our friends. She even pointed us towards the service www.egroups.com that we use to e-mail our newsletter to our friends and family.

Locomotions Posts
To read our locomotions e-mails go directly to http://www.egroup.com/group/Locomotions/


A quasi-locomotion post that was written before we setup the Locomotions mailing list is:
11 May 2000 - The Start Of the Web Page
- by Tara

9 July 2000 is the day we plan to embark upon a year of world travel. Today it is T-2 months, so it's time to start the web page
that will cronical our trip.

In reality, this dream have been in the making for more than two years. When Tara hands in her resignation next month, it will
be the second time she has resigned in order to travel. However, the first time she resigned didn't actually result in our travelling
the world - it resulted in our living in Japan for two years.

Now here we are, two years later, planning to leave Japan in T-1 month, Seth has already resigned effective May 31 and we're
preparing for our world trip.

At this point, we feel the only barrier to our embarking is an unexpected illness or accident. So, it's full speed ahead -- hello
Nomadic Life: No jobs, No bed to call our own, No idea what we'll be doing in the afternoon when we wake up in the
morning. We can't wait!

Still planning, thus still under construction as of 11 May 2000