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Tuesday, May 11, 1999
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An Oddball Combination: Bike and Barge Brewery Tours Through Belgium and Holland For a Hair Over $100 a Day
Specializing in barge tours through Europe, 4Winds Specialty Tours (formerly known as Bon Voyage Specialty Tours) has recently added a new trip to its repertoire, and it's unique, to say the least--a nine-day bike, barge and brewery adventure for $975. The first tour is scheduled for October 1 and will begin with a one-night stay in Amsterdam before boarding the barge bound for, amongst other places, Bruges. Highlights of the trip will include a visit to Maximiliaan (one of the youngest breweries of Holland) and a "brown pub" in Amsterdam, a bike ride from the barge to Utrecht's De Utrechtse Stoombier brewery (which is located in an old castle in the city center) and a visit with the famous "beer professor" Jan de Bruyne in Bruges. Participants should expect to bike 10-15 miles a day but the focus of the tour is on breweries and beer appreciation than biking (and a good thing too, as we don't want to be advocating drunk driving of any sort). Accommodations (except for the night in Amsterdam) are in double cabins (complete with a private bath) aboard a barge. Singles can request to be paired up at no additional charge. All meals (except for one lunch) are included, as are entrance fees and the use of a 3-speed bike. The tour is for adults of all ages and group size is limited to 20. For more information, check out the 4Winds Web site at or call 888/676-2854.

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