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Sunday, March 28, 1999
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Looking For a Well-Priced, Outdoorsy Family Vacation? Check Out the Sierra Club's Family Outings
You probably know the Sierra Club as that nonprofit environmentalist organization that puts out a lovely magazine and, once in a while, sends you a mailing asking you to contribute. What you quite possibly didn't know about the organization, at least until now, is that it also sets up a year-round schedule of outings--more than 200 annually--which include 30 expertly-run group camping vacations specifically designed for families and starting at about $80/person nightly for adults and substantially less for kids, including most all expenses. The trips, which start in April but are concentrated in the summer (sensibly, as this dovetails with school vacations), cover just about every part of the U.S., literally from Hawaii to New Jersey. While some of the itineraries are a bit on the costly side (at least by our exacting standards), most are eminently affordable. A couple of top-value examples: A grandparents/grandchildren only camp in Tahoe Forest from August 1 to 6 costs $395 per adult, $295 per child; exploring New Jersey's Pine Barrens (the largest wilderness area east of the Mississippi, in case you didn't know) from June 27 to July 3 is priced at $450 per adult, $330 per child; a Navajoland Cultural Experience (August 14 to 20) is $540 per adult, $450 per child. All food and trip expenses (ground transport when needed, activities fees, and so on) are covered in the price, though you will need to bring your own tents, sleeping camp, and hiking gear if you're on a trip that requires them. And, of course, you have to get to the trip's starting point under your own steam. However, we've heard many, many positive reports about these outings--especially for the way they teach young people to respect and appreciate the glories of our country's natural bounty. We can think of a lot worse (and more expensive) ways for families to spend a week together. To find out more, call Sierra Club at 415/977-5522, or visit the organization's Web site at

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