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Thursday, June 3, 1999
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Learn Spanish on the Spot in Mexico or Spain, From As Little As $100 Tuition Per Week
Three Spanish-language learning centers, two in Mexico and one in Spain, are linked together on one Web site, where they offer a wide range of courses that you might enjoy taking in one of the countries or the other. The cheapest (because of their location) are in Mexico, next door, of course, where you can study either in Ensenada, convenient to California, or in Cuernavaca, one of that country's most fashionable smaller towns. In Curenavaca, The Center for Bilingual Multicultural Studies offers 30 hours of instruction per week (five days) from only $190 tuition, $100 registration. In addition, you will pay as low as $17 per night for staying in one of over 200 Mexican family homes, with semi-private bedroom and semi-private bath. (You can pay more, up to $30 a night, for private room and bath in a home with garden and swimming pool.) In Ensenada, the International Spanish Institute offers 30 hours of instruction for only $125, with registration being another $125. You stay with a Mexican family, in a shared room with three meals at $22 per day, a private room with three meals at $24 per day. (The shared room is available only for two persons travelling together.) If you can get yourself to Spain, you can study your Spanish at the Centro de Lengua e Intercambio Cultural in Seville (the CIC), where a 20-hour Standard Course week of instruction will run $248 for two weeks (minimum), and registration is $100. You stay in an apartment with Spanish students for the two weeks at $189, which works out to $13.50 per night. Staying with a family (breakfast and lunch included) runs from $105 per week ($15 per night). For more information on either of the three places, e-mail them at For the Web site on which you can find all these details (and more), go to

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