Trips Back to Chicago

Swiss Hotel Parties - Poker Parties - Bamboo Bernies - Trolley Fast Food Tour - Must Do When in Chicago

We always enjoy going back and visiting Chicago. We especially like to see all our friends so we try to invite everyone out together when we're home.

Swiss Hotel Parties
For our first two trips back to Chicago after moving to London, we invited all our friends over to our huge hotel room, ordered in pizza and had a great time.

Poker Parties
Everytime Seth comes back to Chicago, he likes to get all the guys together for a night of playing poker.

Bamboo Bernies

We were going to be in Chicago at the same time a Mike Coop, so we needed a big place to meet. We originally wanted to meet at a place Seth and I had considered having our wedding reception at - but, it was already taken, so the path of least resistence was to take a recommendation from the person who booked both the place we wanted and Bamboo Bernies.

Trolley Fast Food Tour

This was an excellent idea that worked out extremely well. We met at PotBelly's Subs and visited: Sam's liquors, Chris & Leslie's house, Darren's condo, White Castle, Dairy Queen, Chris & Kim's house, Buffalo Joe's, Taco Bell, JK Sweets and Vogelback.

Must Do When in Chicago

Whenever we're in Chicago, we try to do these things: xxxx