Arthur & Selma Soberg's Family
Arthur Soberg 
Born November 5, 1910 in Maddack, Benison County, North Dakota to Martin Soberg and Ingebord Larson. Died in 198x in Stoughton, Wisconsin. Buried at cemetery in town, state.  
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Soberg
Selma Rishoff
Born 19xx in town, state.  
Local Couple Elope
    After a five year courtship during the Depression years, Selma T. Rishoff and Arthur Soberg left their home town of Pelican Rapids, Minnesota at 9:15am on Thursday, October 17th, 1934 heading for Wahpeton, North Dakota, to be married. Only their mothers knew of their plans.
    The young couple were married in an afternoon ceremony in Wahpeton, and later the same day returned to Pelican Rapids.
The family home on the Soberg farm (1934 to 1944)
Daughter ... 
    Selma presented Arthur with their first child, a daughter, on December 4, 1935. Doris Elaine was born at Satersmoan Hospital in Pelican Rapids. 
Second Daughter ... 
    A second child and daughter was born to "Art" and "Sam" on March 5, 1938 at the Satersmoan Hospital in Pelican Rapids. The new daughter is named Betty Inez. She has been named after her two grandmothers, Bessie and Ingeborg.
Art Beats The IRS 
    Another child - but this time they hit the "Jackpot. A son, Richard, ??????????????? midnight on December 31, 1939 (mighty close timing).