James & Donna Duggan's Family
James Patrick Duggan 
Born May 1, 1939 in Chicago, Illinois to James Phillip Duggan & Irene Barbara. Wieck.  
Mr. and Mrs. Duggan
Donna Lee Kirby
Born June 6, 1953 in Chicago, Illinois at the Cook County Hospital. The x child and x daughter of Louise Summers. 
Couple Meets at
    James and Donna met

Married March 25, 1977.

Daughter Kim 
    Donna's first daughter, Kim, was born October 13, 1969.
Daughter Kelly 
    Donna's second daughter, Kelly Kathleen, was born to Donna & James on May 21, 1978. 
Son James 
    A son, born July 26, 1981, was named after his father and grandfather, James Patrick Duggan.   ?? He comes just in time - after James' insurance coverage from new job has kicked in! ?? 
Daughter Mary 
    The family is complete when Mary Shannon is born on June 2, 1987. 

From apartment in ??? to DesPlanes
    James and Donna first make a home together in ???.

The house at 1722 Lunt in Desplaines has seen many extended family gatherings: Thanksgiving, 4th of July, Christmas, etc. Everyone in the family loves coming to James & Donna's since Donna's cooking is especially delicious. The beans, + other dishes.

The yard is always maincured and full of pets: cats, dogs, rabbits, (pet names). James hobby of fixing up the yard?

Over the years, instead of becoming quieter, the house has gotten busier since Donna stopped waitressing and started watching neighborhood kids during the day. An extra special edition to the daytime crown was Donna's first granddaughter, Katy Lee (Kim's daughter born Feb 9, 1999).

Hobbies / Fun / Free Time

Making Ends Meet
Happy Birthday! (aka "What would you like for dinner?")
Every year, Donna cooks whatever the birthday boy or girl would like for dinner.  This family tradition is so engraned that when Kim, back at home for her 32nd birthday, wanted shishkabobs, Donna was outside, in the pouring rain, with an umbrella, cooking shishkabobs on the grill! Everyone who has been to James & Donna's for a family gathering understands just what a great birthday present this is.