James & Irene Duggan's Family
James Phillip Duggan  
Born July 18, 1915 in town, state to Robert Valentine Duggan & Annie Milligan.  
Died January 1, 1963 in town, state. Buried at cemetery in town, state.  
Mr. and Mrs. Duggan
Irene Barbara Wieck
Born March 1, 1918 in Chicago, Illinois to John & Anna Wieck.  
Died December 18, 1974 in Illinois. Buried at Cemetary along Route 176 between Burton's Bridge and Crystal Lake, Illinois. 
James & Irene
Kissing in 1939
Couple Meets at Wieckville Tavern 
    Irene met James when she was working at her parents' tavern. Wieckville was located on Route 176 between Island Lake and Wauconda and overlooked Slocum Lake. Irene and all of her siblings worked at their parents bar. Irene was also a trained beautician. -- ever worked in a salon? -- Irene was living at 3126 N. Harding Avenue in Chicago and working for Miller Gebhardt Company on 2050 Larrabee Street in Chicago when she applied for a social security card on May 16, 1938. James was a roofer and also built a home in nearby Mylith Park. 
Raising a Family: Six Children, x goldfish, x dogs, x cats , etc.
Something about different family backgrounds? ie. Even though James & Irene were from vastly different backgrounds. James growing up xxx and Irene growing up ? very priveledged ? due to her father's xxxx railroad cars during WW2 xxx ?? managed to build a home together and raise a family.
Son James 
    Irene presented James with their first child, a son, on May 1939. James Patrick is named after his father and is also known as Pat while growing up. 
Daughter Sharon 
    A second child and daughter was born 
Daughter Charlene 
    Another daughter, Charlene,  

Photo taken November 1949 

Daughter Merry 
    A daughter, Merry Ann, is born on May 29, 1946. 
Daughter Erin 
    A daughter, Erin Ann, is born on August 11, 19xx.  
Son Thomas 
    After four daughters in a row, Irene presents James with their second son, Thomas Valentine, on November 1, 19xx.
All six Duggan children: Tom, Merry, Erin, Char, Sharon and James
(almost in birth order - Merry & Erin in reverse order)
Making Ends Meet
How to make the best out of lean times.
You Gotta Eat:
- pigs tails (or should that be a bad memory?)
- the very old & exploded can good some ??Aunts?? brought over

Not skimping on the kid's education
- Who paid for the Transfiguration Catholic School?
- cutting panty hose legs off and wearing two tops when one leg had run
- cardboard cutouts covering the holes in the bottom (Merry not going to school for days because she'd had lost a shoe when getting on/off? the bus & the embarrasment after she returned to school to have the nun hold up the nasty, old shoe with and ask "is this anyone's shoe?" )
A mixed bag of childhood memories ( NEED TO BE CONFIRMED)
Pat ??- digging out the outhouse with Mom?? 
?? installing indoor plumbing in maybe 1962 ??
Char Dad was nasty Mom asking Char "will I have these mood cycles my whole life?"
Merry - Mom petting the dog and saying she thought ? might have a tumor until we turned on the light and realized she was petting the wrong end of the dog - being so cold at nights that when we woke up we'd break the ice that had formed ontop of the fishbowl 
- going to the outhouse at night in the pitch dark when you knew there were rat teeth marks on the seat 
- watching TV when we weren't allowed. One of us would watch from the front windows and when they saw Dad's truck coming over Porten Road hill, everyone would rush to bed. (only Dad was smart - he'd feel the top of the TV to see if it was still warm!)
Erin -?? sleeping over the stove in back of the kitchen. 
Dad was mean & nasty
- dried out carrot tops 
- Peeing at school outside the classroom door since the nun wouldn't let me go to the bathroom. 
- The heat and electric being turned off. Dad going out to the electric box and cutting off the lock.(Erin learned bills come first)
Tom Mom going away to the hospital. coming home wih many, many pills Dad loved the woods. 
Picking mushroom with Dad in the woods behind the Wieck family home 

Additional Duggan Family Photos
Tom Duggan 
red/black shirt school photo is 1965 
Charlene Duggan 
Erin Duggan 
James Duggan & Merry Duggan 
Merry & Tim? 
Merry Duggan (left) and a friend playing in the front yard 
Merry Duggan 
Erin on Vacation 
left to right: James, his mother Charlotte and his grandmother, Mummy with a baby (Pat?)


Additional Family Photos

Unknown - maybe Erin?

Carl Siegrist (Charlotte's last husband), Mummy (Charlotte's Mom), Uncle Ernie, Charlotte Duggan (later Siegrist)

Evelyn, Irene, Joan and ?

Three Generations: Grandma Irene, Mother Merry and Daughter Tara
September 1969

Joan and Evelyn (Irene's older sisters) in the 1970's