Tom & Mary Duggan's Family
Thomas Robert Duggan 
Born November 1, 1955 in Elgin, Illinois at St. Joseph's Hospital. The sixth and final child of James Phillip Duggan & Irene Barbara Wieck.  
Mary & Tom
outside Tom's sister's, Sharon's, house ~19??
Mary Elizabeth Gleason
Born January 18, 1957 in Elkhorn, Wiscnsin at the local hospital. Daughter of Glifford Gleason & Catherine Louise Mathews. 
First Glimpses  
In 1975, Mary had just graduated from Wauconda high school and was spending a lot of time with her friend, Marybeth Witzman. Marybeth was crazy about Jimmy "JJ" Dunn and would drive around in her car following him - even as far as Noth Chicago! JJ happened to be living and working with his friend Tom at the time and Mary would often be with Marybeth.  One day Marybeth and Mary were waiting in the parking lot of the A&P grocery store when JJ and Tom came out after buying vitamins. This first conversation over how "different vitamins turn your pee different colors" led to the girls being invited over to Tom's house. After this inital meeting, the girls were invited over often. Usually, Marybeth would bring along her TV (since Tom & JJ didn't have one) and they would all watch TV together in the evenings. Marybeth and JJ didn't end up together as a couple (possibly because JJ accused the girls of keeping them up so late that they lost their jobs). However, Tom starting building bedroom walls so that Mary could in. Out with JJ, in with Mary?? Or in with Tom, JJ + two dogs, Queenie & Puppie ??
Becoming Mr & Mrs.  
Tom was out of work, Mary decided to quit her job and the two of them headed to Key West. After a month of too much sun without sunscreen, they headed back to Chicago. 
? Anything About How Married ? 
They made their first home together in the house where Tom had grown up, 4907 South Little Drive in Jacoby's Subdavision. The house needed more work than just bedroom walls, so Tom set to remodelling the whole place. 
Fox River Misadventures
Tom has always owned a boat since high school and Mary also shares his hobby of boating.  This love of being on the water, combined with buying various used boats, throughout the years, is the basis for many shared memories.
Boat #1 - small thing that was ??sunk?? when Ray Dascott ran it into another boat on the Fox
Boat #2 - a wooden boat that Tom refinished in the dining room
Boat #3 - a great looking Carver that never ran
Together with the Carver is where Tom and Mary spent much of their first summers together. Unfortunately, not all of that time was spent waterskiing down the river. There were many days spent at Cashmore's Dock working on the boat. Plus, the times alone in the Locks, when all the other boats had driven by after the doors opened, while Tom tried to get the Carver to start up again. Finally, Tom had the boat running well when their first major "accident" occured. They were going along fine when suddenly they were thrown sideways, the front of the boat went under the water and a big wave came into the boat. After investigating, they determined they'd hit a piece of floating plywood. Maybe memories of this big wave (or maybe the time near Johnsburg in rough water when Mary declared "I'm going to have the baby here if we don't turn around") caused Tom and Mary to stay off the river for a few years while they raised two young children.

Raising a Family
Ryan & Rachal
Ryan born April 23, 1983
Rachel born December 24, 1986
Raising kids has been a lot of fun for Tom & Mary. 

More stories, thoughts, whatever. 

By 1986, the family of three with another baby on the way had outgrown Tom's childhod home. They sold the Little house to Mary's brother and moved to 5907 Fox Lake Road in Fox Lake. This subdavision was also on the water, the Chain of Lakes. As soon as Ryan and Rachal were old enough, the family's water adventures continued. 

Chain of Lakes Misadventures
By now, the Carver hadn't been used for a few years and needed work. Instead of fixing it up, Tom decided to buy a bigger, Lake Michigan style fishing boat. However, the Carver still looked great!
Boat #4 - "Chicken of the Sea"

........etc. etc.

Family Photos
Rachel, Tom, Mary, Ryan in June 2001
Ryan's high school graduation & Rachal's 8th grade graduation
Tom and Mary on Sharon's front porch
Bonner Road, McHenry, IL
Tom & Mary on Christmas Day 1978
At Tom's sister's, Charlene's, house