School Friends - Work Friends - Friends from Finland

We've found that we still keep in touch with the friends we went to school with. Plus, we meet new friends at work. And, the most unexpected friends we've made have to be Bob and Eileen - who we met at a hotel bar in Finland on Christmas Eve in 1996!

School Friends
Seth has been friends with Mark and Tim since he met them at highschool in 1983. Seth also keeps up with Ellen and Sophia from high school.

Similarly, Tara keeps up with friends from high school.

Since we attended the same university and both worked in the campus computing centers, many of our university friends are the same. We do really well in seeing them when we're back in Chicago & many friends we met at Northwestern came to visit us in London.

Work Friends
Tara has been friends with Niki since meeting her when working at Island Foods in 1985. Through Niki, Tara met Nancy and Pete.

Seth aslo is excellent at making friends at work. So,he has friends now all over the world.

Tara at UBS (aka O'Connor, aka Swiss Bank Corporation) 
Seth at Perot Systems 

Seth's #geek friends