How We Spend our Time on the Web

WIMMP - Dilbert - Early '80s Song of the Week - Doraemon

We have lots of fun using the web (and actually look up some useful information too!). This is a compilation of sites we think are definitely worth a visit just for the fun of it.
Friends from Northwestern will remember this, since the authors are Gary, Seth, Darren and Chad. Now we know what they did on Friday and Saturday nights when they weren't out on a date! They worked on WIMMP

   The truth is out there, and it is Dilbert! This site is especially relevant to Tara right now since she's lived it at work. That's why she's decided to leave the Education Department at the end of August, 1997. She's been to too many meetings which remind her of Dilbert cartoons! 
  We found this site because we had the words from the song "Safety Dance" in our heads, but couldn't remember the name of the group. Seth did a search and found this most excellent Early 80's Song of the Week site with sound clips from the 80's, words to 80's songs, a picture of the band and a new song weekly! 
Since Tara is Doraemon crazy, she just has to include her favorite Doraemon site here! Visiting Doraemon Happy Land will make you happy (if you can handle the slow speed from the Hong Kong server!).