Old Home Pages & Major Improvements

We started this site soon after we moved to London in December, 1995. We thought it would be a great way to keep our friends and family up to date on what we were doing across the "pond". From its humble beginnings, it has turned into a really fun project for Tara and a nice records of our travels and experiences.


We move to London on December 19, 1995


???? - Our original home page on AOL 
July - An updated home page 
Nov - Home page containing first BDTD, Land of I, FandF images


???? - Brownie informing everyone of the move to http://www.lizard.u-net.com 
Dec - We reserve immell.com as a Christmas gift to ourselves


???? - Web pages moved to http://www.immell.com 
June - We move to Tokyo and create a new main category "Living in Tokyo"


Apr - Tara learns how to create a pop-up menu to directly access new trips quickly 
July - A totally new home page look & guestbook formatted to match other pages 
Dec - We ditch the new look and return to the original graphics with more main categories. Plus, photo album sections for areas other than our wedding are added thanks to my new hard drive from Tod. 


Feb - Tara starts preparing for our move, so transfers facts from papers to web. Especially work information 
July - Tara creates a whole new section called "World Tour 2000" while staying at Chris & Sam's house 
Oct - Tara, at Seth's suggestion, creates BTDT pages to include a photo right up at the top
2001 Jan - Tara spends hours & hours creating animated GIF Route Maps for World Tour 2000 & finalizes BTDT for work info while in Columbus. Web improvement trend continues at Bob & Eileen's house when Tara adapts Bob's scripts from www.bobandeileen.com and creates a Photo Database on immell.com. 
Oct - Due to a forced server move, all wusage files from 1998 to September 2001 are found here. 

and many more revisions to come....