Summer, 1999

Hiking - The Buddah - Sunset Behind Fuji
- by Tara


We picked this day trip out of a book we'd recently purchased called "Weekend Adventures Outside Tokyo - Travel with a Historical Twist" by Tae Moriyama. The day trip started with a walk through a woods. Of course, 1/2 way through the path, there were two vending machines. And, a bit further on, a full-service restaurant that was terraced into the hillside. We ate pizza.

The Buddah
This was Seth's first time to visit the Buddah. We went inside the Buddah's belly and went for a walk in the grounds and found a very nice Japanese garden with a stream running through it.

Sunset Behind Fuji
We decided to take the train instead of hike over more hills. Once we saw the hills from the train, I'm glad we decided to walk! It was really fun sitting on a slight hill, overlooking everyone 'surfing' and watching dogs play. We could just barely make out Fuji san as the sun set.

Tara found a four leaf clover.

We ate at a small Italian restaurant right outside of Kamakura station.