Our Building

We are standing in the emply lot next to our building and looking up at our apartment building. The building is up on a hill, so it looks taller than its 11 stories.

This lot is very nice to walk though on the way to work since there are so many trees. There is a paved route directly through it and vegetation on both sides. Sometime in this area we will see people doing Tai Chi, preparing for a photo shoot, walking their dogs. There is one man who walks at least 5 BIG dogs here everymorning. We think he's a paid dog walker. Sometimes we see the cats who live here. We know one "golden boy", who is orange in color and one "king cat", who is a very large white cat. It is fun to bring treats and feed them. We worry about what the cats do when the owners of the lot come and drastically trim all the overgrown grass and weed.

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