Barefoot on the Beach - December 1, 1994

Tara and her father before they walked down onto the beach where Seth was waiting.
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After dinner, Seth had gone to sleep in Gary's room so he wouldn't see Tara in the morning before the ceremony. This is the photo just before Tara and her Dad would walk down onto the beach and see Seth waiting. 

Even though the wedding was early, at10am, it had been a busy morning in both rooms. Tara had a beautician come up to braid her hair. Julianne had helped Tara get dressed. Plus, many people had stopped by early in the morning to wish her well. Finally, her Dad came up to walk her down to the beach. The walk down took a long time since there were many photos taken along the route. This is the last photo and our favorite since the background shows a nice shot of the beach.