Blackpool, England To See The FAMOUS Blackpool Lights Display 

October 19 and 20, 1996

When we had been in Blackpool in June, we learned about the Autumn lights display. We had such a great time in Blackpool the first time, that we decided to come back for the lights.

Overall Experience:

It was busy in Blackpool due to the lights. When we went to tourist information to get a room (like we had last time), they said they didn't have any rooms... until they learned I was willing to pay GBP 105 per night at the DeVere Blackpool hotel!

One fun day right in the heart of Blackpool - At the tower seeing the view and also the circus (a fun water filled pool appearing at the end). Then playing video games and stuffing ourselves with curry fries, crepes, KFC, etc.

Followed by a luxury day at the side of the DeVere Blackpool pool since the weather was rainy outside.

Boo hoo hoo though, I left my favorite compact umbrella somewhere in Blackpool on this trip and never recovered him.