Seth & Tara Immell's Family
Seth Alan Immell 
Born November 3, 1964 in New Brunswick, NewJersey at New Brunswick Hospital to William and Myra Immell. 
Mr. and Mrs. Seth Immell
Tara Lee Soberg 
Born June 3, 1969 in Park Ridge, Illinois at Lutheran General Hospital to Richard and Merry Soberg.

Why Document Our Family Tree?

Our interest in documenting facts about our families was rekindled during our World Tour 2000. For Tara, she became very interested in family facts after visiting a small town in Norway, Ottestad, where her great-grandparents lived. For Seth, he wanted to know more about his ancestors after hunting for photos of his Mom to use for her 60th birthday web-page present.

We hope to have the time to collect more photos, stories and facts together on-line. But, for now....Please label your photos! We find SO MANY with unknown people who may or may not be relatives.

Seth's Family Tree - Tara's Family Tree

Seth's Family Tree

Seth's Parents: William aka.Bill Immell & Myra Sue Immell (Hankins)
Only Son: Seth Alan Immell born 3 November 1964

Seth's Paternal Grandparents: William Franklin & Dorotha C. (Hopkins)
Only Son: William Hopkins Immell
Ronnie was also raised by William & Dorotha after his mother died in childbirth
William Franklin Immell was born 28 August 1907 in Chillicothe, Ohio to William Immell & Lillie Rudman
Dorotha Hopkins was born 16 July 1910 in Parkersburg, West Virginia to Harry Russell Hopkins & Anna Belle Allman
Dorotha lived at 359 E. Seventh Street in Chillicothe, Ohio in May 1937. She applied for a SS# when working for Continental Baking company / Wonder Bakery

Seth's Maternal Grandparents: Shim & Sally Hankins (Pellis)
Shim was born 16 Aug 1905 in Trenton New Jersey as Shim Entin to Hyman Hankins & Jennie Foofer (spelling?) (whole family changed their surname when he was in high school)Shim died in December of 1975
Shim lived at 54 Schureman Street in New Brunswick in November 1936. He applied for a SS# when working for Consolidated Home Furnishings Company.
Only Daugher: Myra Sue Immell
Shim Entin was the second of four siblings: Emma, Shim aka Sam, Hellen, Dorothy & Kathryn

Rose Pellis was born 30 March 1894 in New York, New York to Isreal Popkin & Sarah Ifep (spelling??)
Rose lived at 52 Rbinson Street in New Brunswick, NJ in October 1944.

Louis Pellis was born 4 April 1907 in New Brunswick, New Jersey to Morris Pellis & Lena Dores
Louis lived at 54 Schureman Street in New Brunswick in November 1936. He applied for a SS# when working for Public Service Electric & Gas Company (268 Baldwin Street, New Brunswick)
Seth's second cousin Matt has done extensive family research at:

The connection between Seth's family tree and Matt's family tree goes back to their great grandparents Shim Entin & Dorothy Entin's parents. (Hyman Entin & Jenny Silver). The only known information is that Jenny died in approximately 1912.
Hyman and Jenny had at least kids: two of which are Shim & Dorothy. Shim is Seth's Maternal Grandfather. Dorothy is Matt's Maternal Grandmother. Shim is Matt's Mom (Jan's) Uncle. Dorothy is Seth's Mom (Myra's) Aunt.

Tara's Family Tree

INCORRECT INFORMATION IN PAGES BELOW AS OF DECEMBER 2001 - in process of gathering correct data

Tara's Parents: Richard Soberg & Merry Soberg (Duggan)
Richard Soberg - youngest of three siblings: Dory, Betty and Richard

Tara's Paternal Grandparents: Arthur & Selma Soberg (Rishoff)

Tara's Maternal Grandparents: James & Irene Duggan (Wieck)
Merry Ann Duggan - fourth of six siblings: James, Sharon, Charlene, Merry, Erin, Tom
Irene Duggan was 2nd of four siblings: Evelyn, Irene, Joan, Art + Billy & Mildred Sklowowski grew up in the same household after their Mother died
Evelyn's daugther Beverly

Seth and Tara Immell shortly after meeting