Little Adventures in Tokyo

Being Clueless - Adventures Near Home - Studying Japanese

Being here in Tokyo is very different from London. Strangely enough, we asked for Tokyo! One of the reasons we wanted to live in Tokyo instead of Singapore is because we thought it would be more of a challenge - well, here are some of the challenges and adventures we've faced!

#1 - We find that we are clueless about everyday life since we don't speak much Japanese and we read even less. This makes for many day to day "adventures" and some very interesting stories about what you did because at the time you didn't know any better. When we moved to London, we had similar problems, but the language barrier makes the stories all the more bizarre.

#2 - We tend to stay home or near home much more because there are so many interesting things to do close by. Another reason is that whenever Tara tries to get us away for the weekeend, we find that it is either impossible since we didn't plan six months in advance or it is impractical as the cost is prohibitively expensive! #3 - Tara is obsessively studying Japanese on the balcony and Seth is perfectly happy to stay inside on the weekends.