We've been to so many European cities that Seth has started to think they all look alike - a Cathedral, a town hall and a shopping street! Actually, we've been to many Western European countries, but no Eastern European countries yet.


We visited Andorra on our World Tour 2000 since we were visiting all of Europe's Smallest Countries.


We've spent a small amount of time in Austria. The first two times were with Mark, Seth's friend from high school, and/or his wife Tara. Tara got away from work in Zurich for a long weekend and Tara and Tara went cross country skiing together. Seth and Tara and Mark and Tara also spent a day in Salzburg together after our weeknd in Germany. Plus Innsbruck was a day stop on our World Tour 2000.


Our first trip to Belgium was to Brugge. Our second trip to Belgium was to Brussels to see Bob and Eileen, friends we had met over Christmas 1996 in Rovaniemi, Finland. They are Canadians living in Brussels. We've also been back to Brussels a second time to meet up with Bob and Eileen before leaving for Egypt.


Copenhagen was the first stop on our Winter of 1996 Scandinavian tour. The timing was perfect since Tivoli was open for a Christmas market. We were also wise and took a bus to see the little mermaid instead of walking as I had done previously. Copenhagen was also a stop on our World Tour 2000.


Finland was the second stop on our Winter of 1996 Scandinavian tour. We spent Christmas in Rovanemi, Finland. Santa came to our hotel, with his reindeer, on Christmas Eve. Then we went to his workshop at the Arctic Circle for Christmas Day. It was a great winter vacation: snowmobiling, dog sledding, reindeer sledding, campfires and more. It's even better since we really never knew exactly how cold -29 Celsius was in Fahrenheit! We also stopped over in Helsinki twice while between flights.


Disneyland Paris is the best reason to go to France. We're been to Disneyland twice, once by ourselves and then again with a group of friends from London. We also went to Paris for the weekend to see only Paris, not Disneyland! Paris, Paris Disneyland , Nice and Cannes were stops on our World Tour 2000.


Munich is one of our favorite cities. We've been to Munich twice so far and very much enjoy it. Once was only for an evening before traveling to Southern Germany, and staying on beautiful Lake Chiemsee. The second time was for a weekend during Oktoberfest! During our World Tour 2000, we spent a month in Murnau because Tara was studying German at the Goethe Institute in Murnau.


We were planning on spending only one night in Reykjavik, but it surprisingly turned into two nights.


We spend a wonderful weekend in Ireland with our friend Mike Coop. As we were walking in the airport parking lot, we were commenting on how clean the air was.


Seth's friend from high school, Mark, lived in Italy from 1994 - 1997. We went to visit them in Vicenza at the same time that Tim, Seth's other friend from high school, was visiting. We spent a week driving around Italy. We met our friends Tod & Kristen from Tokyo in Florence and Milan and stopped in Pisa for a night while we were on our World Tour 2000.


Liechtenstein was the first stop on our "Smallest Countries of Europe" tour - just one section of our World Tour 2000.


We haven't been to Luxembourg yet. We hear Luxembourg city is a good place to visit. Even in our four months in Europe on our World Tour 2000, we never made it to Luxembourg.


Monaco was a stop on our World Tour 2000 - "Smallest Countries of Europe" sojourn.


Bob and Eileen invited us to go to Amsterdam with them to see the bulbs. However, the original plan never took form because Bob had to work. Therefore, we said goodbye to them at the Brussels train station and headed for a night in Amsterdam by ourselves. Amsterdam was the last stop on our European leg of our World Tour 2000 since flight prices out of Amsterdam to the US were cheaper than out of any other city in Europe.


Norway was our fourth and final stop on our Winter of 1996 Scandinavian tour. We started in Oslo for New Years and then traveled across the countryside by train to beautiful Bergen. Tara is 50% Norwegian, so it was kool to see other "Solberg's" in the phone book. During our World Tour 2000, we spent a couple of weeks in Norway. We visited Narvik, Tromso, Nordkapp, many cities where the Hurtigruten coastal steamer stops, Trondheim and the town Tara's great grandparents are from: Ottestad.


Tara needed one more business class European trip on British Airways to reach "gold" frequent flier status. Lisbon was the cheapest!

San Marino

San Marino was a very pleasant and unique stop on our World Tour 2000's Smallest Countries of Europe trip.


We visited Scotland for the weekend with our friends Grace and Jeff. It was June, but we were wearing hats and scarves as we toured the castles on the shore. It made for a good atmosphere. We went back to Scottland with Grace and Jeff for a week during our World Tour 2000.


Barcelona is the only city we've visited so far. We spent a long weekend and fondly remember the late night dinners and Gaudi architecture. During our World Tour 2000, we went back to Spain and visited Barcelona again, Sort, Zaragoza, Madrid and Seville.


Stockholm was our third stop on our Winter of 1996 Scandinavian tour. We agree with the city's slogan: Beauty on Water. And we want to go back again to Seth's favorite Italian restaurant in all of Europe. We did make it back to Stockholm during our World Tour 2000 tour. We also made a stop in Lulea, Sweden since that is where one northbound night train terminated.


We traveled to Switzerland together for a week in 199x. Tara thought it was so nice to have Seth along for a week of work. We went to Zurich again together during our World Tour 2000 so that Seth could meet his old work colleagues.

United Kingdom

We lived in London from December 1995 - June 1998. Because we lived in London, we've seen a lot of England: Derby, Bath, Blackpool, Brighton, Leeds Castle, Blackpool Again, Oxford, Stratford, etc. We've also been to Edinburgh in Scotland with our friends Grace & Jeff and then Scotland again with Grace & Jeff during our World Tour. We were planning on Wales before we left, but never managed to organize a trip! Before moving to London, Tara took many business trips to London - on one trip, she and Seth's friend, Tim, went to York together. When she travelled to London for work, her nickname for London was "The Pit". Take a look at our Living in London web section to learn why.
During our World Tour 2000, we visited London not once, not twice, but THREE time and also spent a week studying at Oxford University. Plus, we met friends from Tokyo in Gloucester.